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Agriculture is the dominant economic activity in Bangladesh and regarded as the lifeline of Bangladesh economy. Agriculture sector encompasses crops, fisheries & livestock. We want sustainable intensification & diversification of comprising agriculture through technological change requires and efficient & productive agriculture technology system comprising agriculture research and extension.

COSMIC AGRO LTD has formed 2020 by some experienced, skilled, professional people as agro sector in Bangladesh from last 2 decades like as seeds, pesticide, fertilizer, poultry, dairy and fisheries sector and from last 5 years we have business in poultry and fisheries sector as others brand as individual. COSMIC AGRO LTD in agro based Company working to provide inputs to farmers to produce high yield & high quality farm which is produced for local consumers and also abroad.This company is engaged in manufacturing, import and distributing all types of agriculture inputs primarily for the nationwide local market and also for the global market. COSMIC AGRO is working with the vision to be a contributor “SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE & FOOD SECURITY “in Bangladesh and Worldwide.

COSMIC AGRO has committed to their consumer or farmers to provide better service as supply of quality agro input and quality product. At regarding aspects and condition have good opportunities of agro based company in Bangladesh and COSMIC AGRO already started agricultural production, processing and marketing, like seed, fish and poultry.

COSMIC AGRO has created a brand “COSMIC SEEDS – EXPECTED FOR THE FUTURE” and have started with the seed production, import and distributing as nationwide, like as Hybrid vegetable, OP vegetables, HYV rice and hybrid maize seeds, seedling nursery etc. COSMIC AGRO specializes in design, research, development and marketing of seeds and agro products of superior quality, dedication, integrity and “customers first” are COSMIC AGRO commitments. We endeavor to maintain a long-term and stable working relationship with both our customers and suppliers. We want to be a leading Agricultural company; we are committed to Good Agricultural Practices and creating opportunities for our farmers to prosper from improved on-farm productivity and yield, through the sustainable use of quality seeds and other required inputs.

COSMIC AGRO is pleased to present itself as a reliable producer and supplier of many agricultural products, namely a wide range of seeds of the major crops, foods and feeds for local and foreign consumer’s consumption. At present, besides producing and marketing vegetable, paddy, Corn and jute seeds, we are planning to import and market vegetable, horticultural and field crops seeds from reputed companies of India, China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, USA, Italy, France etc.

We firmly believe that the uses of quality improved crop seeds arekey to increased yields, increased incomes, and safer & higher quality produce for consumers.

We aim to promote commercial agriculture as an engine for rural development, industrialization and greater employment for poor masses.


To contribute to the success of our customers and employees by investing in the best people and technology and offering the best products to enhance the return on investment for our customers and shareholders.


Our vision is considered as a framework for our future road and guides every aspect of our business by showing what we need to set priority in order to continue achieving sustainable and fast growth. We not only make our best effort to maximize our partners: farmers, employees and customers but also preserve the environment by developing sustainable products throughout our supply chain.


CA’s core values guide us in how we conduct ourselves—personally and professionally. In this ever-changing world of agriculture, our core values are constant. Our values underlie our work, how we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. Our core values are the practices we use every day, in everything we do.


Professional: We are skilled in implementing our work, goals and objectives.

IntegrityWe committed to a consistent, honest and reliable operation.

Creativity:  WePrioritize creativity in all of our areas.

Super Quality: We maintain quality in all of our fields. Quality is to give the customers what they want.

Profitability: We think profitability is the only way to meet customers need.


Customer Focus – We create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening to their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Business Partners Focus – We realize that business partner’s profitability is instrumental to our success, and we expect to be the preferred supplier.​

Human Dimensions

  • We value our employees.
  • We expect to be the preferred employer in our industry.
  • We expect to create highly motivated employees who are the most knowledgeable and best trained in the industry.
  • By continually enhancing the leadership, business and people-management skills of our current and potential managers, we expect to have employees who can provide the necessary process improvements to achieve corporate goals.
  • We develop employees’ skills and qualifications.
  • We expect our leaders to be proactive and show the way.
  • We expect our leaders to influence and set the rules.
  • Using speed, quality and innovative behavior we expect to achieve competitive advantage.


  • We committed to conduct ourselves in an ethical manner and act as a good corporate citizen in all communities in which the company operates.
  • We care about the natural environment.
  • We wish to protect the environment from harmful influences, conserve natural resources and promote environmental awareness in all of our activities.


  • We recognize the tradition and value of brands, the loyalty of our customers and the identification of our business partners.
  • CA’s maintains brand value as multi-brand strategy.


  • We expect to achieve profitable growth.
  • We will manage the business in order to provide superior return to our shareholders.


Through thoughtful planning and perfectly conducted research, we hope to develop superior Products in all the important field and horticultural crops for various agro-climatic regions in the country. CA will also continue to identify, conserve and multiply superior germplasms of important horticultural and agricultural species through modern breeding techniques.

We will also develop ideal product and technology mix for domestic & export market; diversify into other allied areas such as Agro Chemicals, Micronutrients, Bio- fertilizer production, Tissue Culture, Agro machineries’, and also established Feed Mill, modern Poultry Hatchery and modern Fish hatchery etc.)


  • Vegetable Crops
  • Field Crops
  • Cash Crops
  • Pulse Crops
  • Macro
  • Micro
  • Fish feed
  • Fish growth supplementary
  • Poultry Feed
  • Poultry medicine
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Aromatic Rice
  • Chicken meet
  • Beef meet

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