F1 Cauliflower

White Cross

Early maturing outstanding, summer variety. Curds are white, slightly dome shape, Av. Curd weight 700- 900 gms. Curds are solid fine beads. Maturity 45 – 50 days from transplanting. Suitable for warm season up to 38 – 40 degree centragrate.

White winter

Early maturing outstanding winter season hybrid. Curds are clear white , dome shape, Av curd weight 1.3- 1.6 kgs. Curds are solid fine beads’s good holding capacity. Maturity 60 – 65 days from transplanting. Tolerance to fusarium rot. Suitable for cool season minimum 10 degree centragate maximum 30 degree centregrate( night temp 14 – 18). Recomemded for winter.